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For investors who would like to invest and enter the business of green energy and environmental science field, we provide opportunities to invest and develop the innovative technology with us. Energy and environmental development will always be a key part of human society, and we also welcome oversea investors to join us and develop our projects together. We can also assist you with your immigration VISA application if your contribution meets our R&D needs. If you are interested, please contact us via email to request None-Disclosure Agreement assignment before we can share more details.

Our current technology research involves following sections:

Project Pneuma

Environment plays a critical role on human health. We are now developing a system which allows individual to access the real-time air quality information and air quality forecast. But there is much more than that with our design. We are targeting to bring a totally innovative living style with this project and unfortunately, we cannot release any sensitive or confidential information in public. Please contact us for more details….

In-door Air Quality Management

In-door air quality is very sensitive both to its surrounding environment and its in-door installed facilities, for example air conditioners, burners, or stoves. In addition, the ventilation condition and in-door air flow could complexify the in-door air quality distribution considerably. Therefore, developing an effective pollutant-removal and public affordable device is innovative and prospective. Please contact us if you are interested to join us on this project.

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