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For investors who would like to invest and step into the business of energy and environmental sector, we provide opportunities to invest and develop the leading technology with us. Energy and environmental development will always be a critical part of our living society, and you may also be able to achieve the investor immigration visa to the U.K. if your investment meets the local government requirements.

Our current technology research involves following sections:

Project Pneuma

We are now working on a system which allows individual to read the on-time air quality and see the air quality forecast. But there is much more than that with our design. We are targeting to bring a totally innovative living style with this project and unfortunately, we cannot release some confidential information in public. Please contact us for more details….

Hydrogen power application in Leeds City, U.K.

Our research in hydrogen power application aims at transmitting city energy use to hydrogen powered based. The whole project covers from the hydrogen production, transportation, storage, fuel station, on-road vehicles, off-road machineries, and hydrogen burners for buildings. These research will provide both strategy and developed products. For example, in order to update the current airport to hydrogen powered one, we provide both strategy solution based on data analysing and provide developed product based on laboratory test.

The achievements in this project will be transplanted to other cities after the pilot successful in Leeds. This project will greatly benefit those business who are involved with city construction or energy investment as well as those specialising in develop hydrogen powered products. (vehicles, electricity generator and burners etc.)

Advanced methane emission measurement methodology

The accurate methane measurement is critical to industries, newly built buildings, and many indoor areas. We are now having an innovative way to measure the methane level with world-class accuracy and are planning to develop a specialised product with this technology.

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