Inspiration and Innovation

While hovering above coastlines and crossing over oceans, seagulls, a strong environment-friendly species, contribute themselves to the eco-environment system worldwide.

Acting like the role of seagulls, Liber Larus, literally originated from Latin and standing for free seagull, is a company that is devoted to the connection and transmission of environmental-energy technology between countries.

For researchers and professionals, we support them by participating in academic communication and knowledge exchange. For enterprises and research institutions, we assist them to create bespoke environmental energy systems at the forefront of the field. At Liber Larus, we always provide the best service to our customers and we are continually developing the latest technology, because we always want to be the next step ahead.

Bridging with South-East Asia

A new technology and cultural exchange centre in Bangkok, Thailand has been confirmed in June 2021.
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Our World

Air Pollution Solutions

Energy Solutions

Providing innovative bespoke renewable energy solutions that are specific for enterprises and governments.

Networking Events

Air Pollution Solutions

Creating innovative tailored air pollution solutions that are specific for enterprises and governments.


Conferences & Seminars

Running annual conferences to facilitate business and research collaboration between the UK and worldwide.

work placements

Work Placements

For academic researchers to broaden their knowledge internationally and enhance their employability within our area of expertise.

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