Energy and environmental development is a long term critical research for human beings. It brings us to the modern society and will lead us to a more advanced living style in the future. In order to contribute to the society with the most advanced and smartest energy and environment solutions, Liber Larus is funded to bridge academic and industry in this specific field. We promote the cooperation between different countries, optimizing their advantages in academic and industry. Like the eco-friendly seagull flying between different lands and crossing the oceans, we dedicate to the global energy and environment development as “Liber Larus”.

Liber Larus is backed by the University of Leeds, and located at the NEXUS, a specific office building the university built to connect the business with its world-leading researchers. Our key members consist of Professors and Doctors from the University of Leeds and researchers from other U.K. universities. At Liber Larus, we bring together experts from science and industry to collect, consolidate and synthesise innovations in relevant fields, such as renewable energy solution and air quality management. We are a multifaceted business that provides services to academics and organisations internationally by the means of work placements, training and seminars, conferences, enterprise cooperation and technology development cooperation.

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