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We welcome enterprises involved in energy and environment development to cooperate with us in order to push your business forward.

Our expert team has been working with world leading energy business in the past decades, including, AVL, Caterpillar Inc., Horiba Ltd, Neste Oyj, Rolls-Royce Holdings pl, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, United Biscuits Distribution Centre, Olleco Ltd, Infineum UK Ltd, Renewable Fuel Technologies UK Ltd etc.

We provide customised task-based services and are dedicated in helping you align technology needs with business goals.

We provide specific services to enterprise involved in following fields:

  • Environment science
  • Renewable energy
  • Emission management and control
  • Advanced Material
  • Health care and medical equipment

Our services

Cooperation research/design project

Project design and feasibility evaluation

Product test and evaluation

Product performance test, calibration, and evaluation

Energy solutions

Bespoke training courses

Technical consultancy

Technical consultancy

Our Network

Helping you align technology needs

Relying on a global team of experts, our technical consultancy provides customised task-based services in the areas of emissions reduction and mitigation, alternative fuels, energy management and conservation, carbon audit and footprint etc. We are dedicated in helping you align technology needs with business goals.

Innovative Manufacturing Products

Our classic technical consultancy services cover the following areas:

  • Transport emission measurement, monitoring and control.
  • Mitigation measures for controlling and reducing emissions from combustion processes
  • Diagnosis and monitoring methods for emission sources from industrial installations
  • Emission standards and pollutant analysis methods
  • Alternative fuels and powertrains
  • Exhaust aftertreatment technologies
  • Energy and carbon audit
Innovative Manufacturing Products

Our service procedure:

  • Send us your technology enquiry.
  • Free evaluation of the project potential, risk, and feasibility.
  • Bespoke solution report given including project advice from our expert team.
  • Further services including support, coordination, laboratory test and analysis, bespoke training, and U.K. business visiting.
Innovative Manufacturing Products


  • Legal registered business.
  • Capably of communication in English.

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