A journey of high-level research experience

For academic staff and research students, we welcome you to join our individual research work-placement. The work placement usually takes from 1 to 10 months and we will assist you to apply for the U.K. academic visitor visa.

You will be able to bring your family members with you during your visit in U.K. and this project is perfect for overseas researchers who wish to enhance their expertise and employability.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of the following research topic:


Sustainable low carbon energy


Bioenergy and biotechnology

Clean combustion

Clean and effective combustion

Nuclear engineering

Alternative energy

Advanced Engineering Materials

Future Materials

Innovative Manufacturing Products

Smart electronic products

Innovative Manufacturing Products

The application process:

  • Send us your research interests together with your CV
  • Tailored solution will be provided to you if you are qualified by our assessment
  • Prepare supporting documents including invitation letter for your visa application
  • Welcoming your arrival
  • Certificate award in the end
Innovative Manufacturing Products


  • Students who have achieved/ are studying research degree or above.
  • professional or academic staffs who have working or teaching experiences.
  • Knowledge of English language.

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